Why Choose The Everest Base Camp Trek ? Why Is It So Special ?

Why Choose The Everest Base Camp Trek ? Why Is It So Special ?

Why should I choose Everest Base Camp Trek instead of every other trek in the world ? If this is a question in your mind then you will get all the answers here in this article.

The Everest Base Camp trek is not popular just because it takes you infront of the might Mount Everest. The popularity and excitement behind EBC Trek is not only due to its connection with Everest or due to it’s remote high altitude trekking experience. There are so many factors that makes this trek special than other treks in Nepal or even in the Everest Region.

The Flight To Lukla

Lukla Flight

The Everest Base Camp Trek begins with a scenic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The entire trekking region is quite far from the big and noisy cities like Kathmandu or Pokhara. That is why when you take the flight from the domestic airport in Kathmandu you get behind the busy and bustling city life and start a simple and more isolated kind of journey.

The flight takes 30 minutes to reach Lukla from Kathmandu. During this flight, if you see outside the window then you can already see breathtaking views of the snowcapped mountains even before landing. Situated at an elevation of 2,860 m, the Tenzing- Hillary airport is considered the most dangerous airport in the world. This is due to the short and steep runway that lies at the tiny airport. It takes extreme skill for a pilot to land the plane in the Lukla airport and it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This becomes the first reason why you should choose Everest Base Camp trek. Not just a beautiful fight, but also a thrilling one. A once in a lifetime kind of experience even before you have started walking towards the camp.

Sherpa Culture and Remote Locations

The Khumbu region where all these Everest region treks and expeditions take place is quite remote. You won’t find cars, jeeps, buses or bikes in the region as most of the goods also come with the help of aerial transport. Being untouched by urbanization, Khumbu region has preserved a local culture and traditional way of life that is hard to find. The Sherpas are the natives of this region and are used to long treks and mountain climbing from a very young age. This kind of lifestyle is what gives Sherpas their mountain strength and skillset. To take goods from one location to another in this region, you have to either carry the goods on mules or carry them themself. While some of the towns like Namche and Lukla are more developed than the others, overall the entire region is remote and isolated but filled with beautiful Himalayan culture and traditions.

The locals are extremely friends and welcoming. The population keeps decreasing as you climb upwards towards the Everest Base Camp but throughout the entire journey the locals will greet you, welcome you into their teahouses and assist you in any way they can. This hospitality and love that you feel in the Himalayas is itself a very special experience.

Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park

The trekking route for EBC trek is fantastic with stone paved stairs, suspension bridges and narrow hillside pathways. But the route also take you through Sagarmatha National Park which is recognized as a World Heritage Site. On the trail, you pass through juniper, pine and birch forests and can see wild life such as red panda, musk deer, Himalayan Thar and many others.

This World Heritage Site was established in 1978 and covers an area of 1148 sq km. Alongside the flora and fauna that is available only in the Himalayan region, the area is also home to pristine wildflowers which bloom only in the Spring time. So if you trek in the spring season, then you are in for a treat.

Namche Bazar and The Vibe of Mountaineering

Even those who have never been to Namche Bazar will tell you that Namche is a special town. It is the biggest settlement in the region and is the trading center of the region. You will see lots well facilitated hotels and restaurants here with all sorts of facilities. Additionally, there are all sorts of bakeries, souvenir shops and equipment shops here. There is also a Himalayan Java here.

Being the commercial center, people from around the region come to Namche to buy are sell goods here. Irrespective of whichever the trek maybe, travelers and treks stay at least one day extra in Namche just for acclimatization. That is the reason why there are so many hotels and businesses established in Namche. But even more than hospitality, Namche Bazaar is about it’s legacy of mountaineering. There is also a museum dedicated to mountaineering here in Namche. The climbing gear and equipment shops, the hotels and the Sherpas here, all represent the glorious history of mountaineering that this town has been a part of.

Everest Base Camp and The Breathtaking Mountain Views

Everest Base Camp

At the end of the day, the biggest attraction of the Everest Base Camp Trek is the ‘ Everest Base Camp’. It’s an extra ordinary feeling being present at the Everest Base Camp. You have the highest mountain peak infront of you and you are surrounded by stunning snowcapped mountains.

Up there in the camp, you are infront of some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. You get to admire the beauty of these majestic mountain peaks upclose and feel a different sort of energy around you. With you there will also be other fellow trekkers who shall feel the same energy that you feel in the Himalayas. While in the base camp, you will also climbers who are about to climb Mount Everest. There will also be those who might have just finished the expedition and are about to return back to Lukla. When you do this trek with your friends or family, this becomes an ever lasting experience which you shall cherish all your life. There is nothing like it. To be at the top of the world and to share this feeling with your companions.