How To Choose The Best Trekking Agency In Nepal?

How To Choose The Best Trekking Agency In Nepal?

If you are planning a trek or looking for some adventure in Nepal, you undoubtedly need the assistance of a good and reliable travel and trekking agency. When you look for information on the Internet, you will come across thousands of trekking agencies in Nepal, so you have little insight into which trekking agency you are entrusting yourself to in Nepal. Entrusting yourself to a quality trekking agency often decides whether the Nepal trekking will be an unforgettable experience or a flop.

So, to help you choose the best trekking agency in Nepal, we have shared some tips so your journey to this enchanting country will be in your memory for a lifetime. 

What is the reputation of the trekking agency?

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Take an interest in reviews of the trekking company where you will buy a tour of Nepal. Read the comments on the Internet, and ask your friends. Proven companies have been operating on the market for at least several years and what they have achieved over the years.

For this, you can also check the website of the company and know more about them with their about us and contact us sections. Additionally, you can also have a look at their social media channels to see how they have been doing and what kind of clients they have been working with. Just with the number of followers, new sharing through social media, and word of mouth of other trekkers you can gain massive insights into how the trekking agency treats its clients.

Does the company representative provide you with adequate information?

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If you are a foreigner, looking for all sorts of details before making any commitments or payments then it is completely fine to ask for the package details with the trekking company. Most companies do have a lot of information already provided on their website but still, you can email them once or contact them via Whatsapp/ Viber and make sure that you have all the details. 

The same thing can be done through social media channels. You can message them on Facebook or Instagram as well and most companies do get back to you if you are a foreigner and share all the details with you.

Is the trekking agency legally verified?

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Before proceeding to sign a contract with the trekking agency in Nepal, check if the agency is legal or not. Examine the registration number or license of the company and whether the agency has been authorized by  Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), and Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN). 

Ensuring the company’s legality, you may proceed to sign the contract that formalizes the commitment of both parties. Read all the clauses and conditions carefully before closing the deal, as well as the rights and duties of the agency and the consumer. Obtaining all the necessary information in advance and knowing what expectations to have concerning the services provided is the best way to ensure a good partnership between the parties involved.

What are the cancellation penalties?

This is life, and sometimes you are forced to change your plans even if at the time of booking you are 100% sure that your plan will not fail. So make sure to check the cancellation policy of the trekking agency of Nepal. Remember that it is almost impossible to cancel a tour without fines, and during the high trekking season, when canceling a tour, the fines or penalties can be high. 

Does the agency offer all the services you need?

Climber Baljeet Kaur in helicopter
Climber Baljeet Kaur in Helicopter

The ideal is to choose an agency that will offer a complete service, so you don’t have to worry about looking for other companies, thus saving your time and work. See if the chosen agency offers hotel reservations, transfers from the airport to the hotel, tours, and guides who know the destination very well, particularly if they provide guides who have knowledge of English, knowledge of the area, and technical skills, which is an essential part of hiking in Nepal. Some agencies also already offer tickets for the city’s main attractions, which is a significant differential, as it will help you to waste less time in queues.

 Is the agency offering you discounts or a cheap tour package?

If the trekking agency offers you discounts or cheap tour packages, be aware of such alluring deals. They may seem extremely attractive, but it is their presence that should alert you the most. For agencies, offering a discount on packages means an unprofitable action. If you are offered almost forcefully to buy this or that tour, and even at a discount, there is reason to wonder if this agency is doing well. Remember the cost of the tour package should correspond to its market value. 

 Is the agency concerned about your safety and security?

Everest base camp helicopter
Unloading Goods From Helicopter In Everest Region

Trekking in Nepal can be a lifetime adventure, but it can also come with potential risks as you have to hike for 4-6 hours a day. So while choosing a trekking agency in Nepal, look and see if the company offers you the option of help and monitoring throughout the trip in case of any eventuality and if they have followed hygiene standard camping trek on the trekking routes. 

Ask what is planned to call for help or get help to a participant if they are injured. Depending on the region, altitude and season, certain precautions must be taken to ensure the group’s safety.

What does the trekking agency take care of in addition to the accompaniment?

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All trekking agencies are responsible for accompanying their customers on the hiking trails. But the work of a good trekking agency goes far beyond this sole mission. The reservation of plane tickets, the search for accommodation and their availability, monitoring of the weather, the preparation of food, the transfer of people and luggage by vehicle, the insurance of the safety and health of everyone, etc. 

If you use a trekking agency, it’s certainly because you don’t want to take care of all that, so make sure that the providers you choose take care of that.

Is there an acclimatization period planned during the trek expedition?

Some very high-altitude regions (above 2500 meters) require a period of acclimatization. Without this, you risk suffering significantly from Altitude Sickness, which manifests itself in a whole host of joys such as fever, dizziness, shortness of breath, and even loss of consciousness. Make sure that time or short hikes are planned before the real start of the trek. 

What is not included in the price of the trip?

Alcoholic beverages, transport by mule, and accommodation before the trek start are some things that are not included in the trek’s price, and it is rather normal. However, be careful that certain essential things are not counted as supplements and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the trek.