Climbaxe on Top 2009

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  Mr. Pasi Tanskanen
  Mr. Timo Rantala
  Mrs. Malla Juutilainen
  Ngima Sherpa (Guide)
  Pemba Sherpa (Asst. Guide)

About the team:


Pasi is an airline Pilot. He has interests in ice-climbing , via ferratas, adventure races, golf and mountain biking. His previous experiences on Mountain are: Started 1996 on Kilimanjaro on their honeymoon-trip, attended rock –climbing training, first alpine peak at Mt. Blanc in 1999, Ice climbing since 1999, Korouoma, Mt. Katahdin, Aosta Valley, 2 expedition to Aconcagua 2001-2003, Pasi has been at 6300m on Pik Lenin 2002, winter climb to Mt Fuji 2004 and Mt. Ararat 

Malla and Timo 
Malla, a blondie, interests Marathons girl and Timo, interests on Malla climbed on a top at Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Aconcagua (Argentina), Elbrus (Russia), Ararat (Turkey), European Alps all around, high camps at Peak Lenin (Kirgisia) and Mera Peak (Nepal) Both have a great combination on climbing.

The guide
Ngima and Pemba sherpa are going to guide them for the climbing. We have already mentioned their details in previous cybercast. Ngima and Pemba has been climbed Everest twice. The climbed other peaks over 6000m. Both of our guide has good experience in climbing peak and mountains.