Swedish EBC Trek

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  Trekkers Nepali Staffs
  Klaus Lindqvist  
  Lennart Von Sydow Ang Dawa Sherpa
  Richard Du Rietz Tendi Sherpa
  Bijorn Linder Rinji Sherpa
Evaluation methods (The mission of the trek)

Physical measurements are BMI (Body mass index), body fat % and oxygen uptake using Coopers test. Blood pressure is also measured several times.

The psychosocial measurements are made with the POMS-(ProfilOfMoodStates)-profile which measures: Tenseness, anxiety, aggravation, vigor, fatigue and confuseness.
All measurements are made as pre- and posttests and some of them also made during the expedition, like the POMS-profile and blood pressure.

These dates can be read on our 3 blogs (Peak Promotion, Outside and everestbasecamp2009). They will also be found in an article in the monthly paper “Outside” (Swedish edition) April 2010.

To access Richard Du Rietz's blog, click the this link: Richard Du Rietz's blog