Lynn's Poon Hill Gang 2008 Fall

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My friend Dru and I began thinking about a trek 11 years ago after a wonderful trek on the Inca trail. 8 years ago of Peak Promotions told me he could arrange it. Finally 2 years ago we began planning several other friends said they would like to join us. Finally last April our group of 8 sends our deposit to Peak Promotion and we all began serious training. Suddenly it was time to fly Kathmandu October 28.
The Team Members

What they say about them.
Lynn Roberts: Retired speech Therapist, grandmother of 7 wonderful people, and mother of 3. One son, Tim, was on 2 climbs in Nepal. He and Peak Promotion inspired this trek. My husband, Phil, was a great support.

Elsie Gowdy: Retired cook- proud mom of 3. Amazed grandmother of six and great grandmother of two. “Fortunate sister of Lynn and friend of Dru. The original two and wife of Bob who gently reminded me that and we had time to get in a walk on the days and put it off.

Dru Saren: This is Dru’s first time in Nepal and first time as a gramma. (Malakai born sept 14th). I’m very excitd about both events!

Diana Browning is returning to Nepal after a 33 year absence. She loves mountain and a adventure and goes on to Bhutan after trekking. She is an educational psychologist and loves meeting teachers and children. Namaste!

Timm, a snapper fisherman from Hawaii, is in considerable awe of her new surroundings.

Marry Anne, am educator from California and excited to meet Nepal- Its beauty and people.

Shari Gent: I am a special educator from the San Francisco Bay area who love to hike and am a practing Buddhist. Since I haven’t been out of the USA for 30 years, this trip to Nepal is a dream come true.

Kathy Caskey: I live in the San Francisco bay Area, and since retiring have enjoyed many hours hiking its hills. This trek is a way to see a faraway place in the comfort of my hiking boots.