Island Peak Climbing 2007

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Peak Promotion, again organizing cybercast team for Island Peak with Everest Base Camp Trekking. Two enthusiast adventurer Philip Kellin and Pelle Porseryd are going to climb Island Peak. So keep watching for more activities and information.

What they say about them:

Name: Pelle Porseryd
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 28
Occupation: TV Producer
Interests: Snowboarding, Travelling, Surfing and of course drinking.

I grew up in Hon Kong, New York and Stockholm and travelled around the world at an early age with my parents.

Always get inspired from seeing new countries and meeting interesting people. I dream of surfing the Amazonas River, hike between Panama and Columbia and of course, maybe one day, stand on the top of the world.


Name: Philip Kellin
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 30
Occupation: BMW

I love being outdoors and try to attend in activities that naturally put you outside the civilization. It doesn’t matter whether it’s skiing, skydiving or running. So when Johan Ernst Nilson asked me if I wanted to go with him to Everest B.C. – the answer was quite clear. But we (me and Pelle) wanted to add something more challenging, so after some emails between Peak Promotion and me – Island Peak became our next goal.