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Title: Tim and Mike Freeman: Khumbu Over the Top Expedition

Tim and Mike Freeman: Khumbu Over the Top Expedition

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Khumbu Over the Top Expedition has three objectives; to rearch and record Sherpa vernacular architecture in the Rolwaling and Khumbu regions to take part in a climb of Mera Peak, and to follow and extend the Khumbu High Route from Barabise to Tumlingtar, Sherpa architecute. Tim and Mike Freeman become interested in Sherpa houses and other buildings during on earlier climbing trip (Tim is a specialist in restoring stone buildings and Mike’s background is in the art history of Asia.) They will study Sherpa architecture both for its perfect adaptation to its environments and as an expression of lively Sherpa culture and history.

Mera Peak:
Mera Peak lies directly along our route over the Khumbu. So of course we couldn’t resist asking some friends to join us in the climb. Mike will meet Evan Jones, Steve and Tim FreemanFranchesca Walker, and Lia Van Damm at Pangboche, and we will all attempt the climb of the three Mera summits.


Honku High Route:

After descending to Mera La, Mike and Evan will turn north and west, passing Panch Pokhari, West Col and Sherpani before descending to the Arun near Makalu. Once we reach Tumlingtar, the traverse of the whole Khumbu will be completed. Because of the extreme altitude, use of alpine style, great distance, and the fact that, aside from the Mera Climb, we will be pretty good for some old guys.
Of course we couldn’t do it without the Peak Promotion team and we deeply appreciate all of them. We also got help from Mountain Hardwear, Hille Berg Tents, Osprey Packs, and many, many others most of all our infinitely patient wives and loved ones.