November 15, 2006 - The trek today is almost all downhill...

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We raise to spectacular morning views of Annapurna South and Machapuchhare (Fish Tail). The evening before, we’ve arranged to trek with Marie and Serge, from Montreal, down to Salleri Bazar for the final evening of the trek. The scheme works for less than an hour, until we agree that we will not be walking as fast as they will. Marsha and Marie do some looking at crafts at our brief rest stop. Because the man selling his wares has a Celtics sweatshirt, we actually buy something. The trek today is almost all downhill, with hundreds (I think thousands) of stone steps, one after the other, taking their toll on our knees and ankles.

But, the trail is perhaps the prettiest of all of our treks, pleasantly warm and a bit moist, as we walk through rain forests and farming land, always with the mountains just a turn of the head away. We reunite with our Canadian friends for lunch in Gandruk, a picturesque village with lodges and homes, all with flowers beautifully planted. We continue down to Salleri Bazar after a peaceful and restful hour and a half at lunch, arriving at 4 PM, quite exhausted but also a bit sad to realize that this will be the last night of nearly 16 days of trekking in Nepal.