November 14, 2006 - Filled with incredible views of the Annapurna ranges...

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We are up at 5 AM to climb Poon Hill over Ghorepani to see the sun rise and light up the mountain peaks. The trek to the top of Poon Hill takes about 45 minutes and is fast and exhausting, with a climb of more than 1100 feet/350 meters. We are joined at the top by about 150 other trekkers, all of us awaiting the glorious sight of the first light of the day on the mountains of the Annapurna range. We meet our friends, Marie and Serge at the top of Poon Hill awaiting the sunrise.

We return to our lodge at about 8 AM, have breakfast and rest a bit before beginning our trek to Tadepani, a hike that takes us about 7 hours, but again filled with incredible views of the Annapurna range. The trek to Tadapani is mostly uphill, and with already having raced up and down Poon Hill early in the morning, we are quite exhausted when we reach the lodge at Tadapani.

We are reinvigorated by the good company awaiting us at the lodge, with people from Montreal and the UK whom we’ve now gotten to know at almost each stop along the way. We share popcorn with them and with fellow trekkers from France and then have a delicious meal (we’ve really become very fond of Nepali cooking, mostly vegetarian with rice, noodle, potatoes and eggs). Marie, from Montreal, is a homeopathic practitioner and works on Marsha’s sore joints. We sleep soundly.