November 11, 2006 - This time we are flying to Pokhara...

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Kami again meets us in the morning at our hotel with a driver to take us to the airport; this time we are flying to Pokhara. Pokhara is a resort community alongside a large lake and is close to the Annapurna range. Many people come here for the warm climate and lakeside activities. However, we immediately leave for Sarangkot, a small community that sits on a high hill above Pokhara. A small taxi takes us on an hour ride up the winding narrow road. The taxi stops and we have an hour walk uphill to the viewpoint and our hotel. We pass many shops with women weaving fabric with intricate designs on floor looms. I, of course, have to stop and look at the weaving, while Jack is approached by a man selling fossils inside a rock. The land we pass through is again terraced, but this vegetation is lush and tropical. We stop for sodas at the overlook. I hear a sewing machine and wander off to see what is happening. A woman is making clothing for her neighbors. A man sitting near her who speaks English convinces me to have a jacket made from fabric the woman is selling. The jacket will cost 500 rubies, which is about $8. I find it hard to say no, and she promises to bring the jacket to our hotel the same evening. We walk a bit further and see our beautiful pink hotel facing

the lake on one side and the Annapurna range on the other. Unfortunately, clouds block our views of the mountains, but we hope for great views tomorrow at sunrise.