November 08, 2006 - Only one more day until we have to leave this magical place...

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This morning we do some shopping for presents in Namche. The shops are filled with colorful knitted clothes, carved objects, jewelry and the same outdoor clothing at a fraction of the price that we searched Boston for before leaving. Neither of us is very good at bargaining, which is expected in Nepal, so we try to avoid shopping. We buy a few things and leave late, about 11:00 AM, to start our journey. As we leave Namche we acknowledge to each other that the delayed start was part of our reluctance to leave the Khumbu. From today on, we will be going down, not up, and heading out to the airport not into the mountains.

Going down hill is always more difficult for Marsha. As with every other day, Dendi, our porter, comes back to meet us after he has brought our bags to the lodge where we will spend the night. He takes Marsha’s pack and walks quietly next to her for the rest of the day’s walk.
We have found this part of our time in Nepal to be more special than we ever imagined. Every part of our journey has been filled with unexpected pleasures. The views were even more spectacular than imagined, the treks were long and challenging, but we could manage them. It was easy to meet and spend time with fellow trekkers who were interesting, open people. The food was tasty in every remote spot, and the Sherpa people were open and gentle with us. Only one more day until we have to leave this magical place.