May 6, 2016 - Trek to Tengboche

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May 6, 2016 - Trek to Tengboche

We had good acclimatization walk to everest view hotel  yesterday so most of us relaxed as we were to gain almost similar altitude today.plan was to start at 7 am so we completed our breakfast at namche kumbhu lodge at around 6.45 .before start our tour leaders took us through warm up exercises which felt very refreshing we started at round 7.45 from namche .starting the trek with some step which were steep enough to increase your breath and heart rate .As soon as we climbed the steps the road was flat which gave us lot of confirm within 30 min we came across a memorial in the memory of Sherpa tensing the details of sumit done by tensing elder daughter and their grand daughter was printed on the memorial we had short break and took lots  of pics then we started our trek the trial was almost flat with some downhill and uphill's it was most comfortable since we had lots of stop on the way then we started at decline which lasted for almost one and we reached phungi tanga where we had our lunch .IT was dal bhat that we had for last 4 days so it was very difficult to have the food but our tem leaders convinced us to have enough food so that we can face the upcoming step challenge uphill the scenery through the walk was amazing on the way we could also find some sheep an high cliffs.

After the lunch we started toward our destination  the lunch was arranged in hotel near the river which gave us very nice feeling .immediately we crossed a bridge where took a group photograph after the bridge we say some water mills which were generating electricity for local houses nearby. on the onward journey we  see the musk deer   .the ascend started immediately which was very step and lasted for around 3 hours and we gained an altitude of 436 meters which bought us to final altitude of 3876 meters .we reached hotel Himalayan and in the last  stretch we encountered light rain for 15 mins we took our rain gear and and the walk was very enjoyable .we went for  walk to famous tyangboche monastery also went to the bakery and we could see the glimpses of mount lotse   .finally the day ended with a good dinner and soup at our hotel and went to bed one amazing experience which we didn’t expect was we meet Robert celinski who is alpine profession runner we gave us insight about his great experience of running in mountains.
Truly enjoyed .