November 01, 2006 - While challenging the trails had a similarity to ones we hiked..

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The morning is sunny and cool and after a hearty breakfast we began what others have told us was to be the most challenging part of our trek an uphill hike to Namche at 3450m/11319ft..  The sun quickly warmed us as we walk through mountains again covered with evergreens.  While challenging the trails had a similarity to ones we hiked in New Hampshire, but the altitude made a difference. The day was filled with many views that made us stop and grab our camera. In addition to the people along the trail, yak trains bearing large loads shared the tails.

Surprising ourselves we made it to Namche in good time. Namche is a bustling city perched high in the mountains filled with colorful shops, lodges and houses. Surrounding this town are carefully tended fields and snow capped mountains in every direction. We settled ourselves, then visited an internet café and relaxed with tea and cake at one of the many bakeries. We are writing this from the common room/dinning room in our lodge surrounded by conversations in many languages.