October 30, 2006 - It is rice harvest time so the streets leading to the city were...

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Another clear warm day greeted us as we started for Bhaktapur. It is rice harvest time so the streets leading to the city were filled with women raking piles of rice laid out in the sun to dry. Just before the gates to the city, our guide Krishna stopped the car so that we could see the trees above filled with large fruit bats spreading their wings. The Bhaktapur city is car-free area which makes it a pleasure to walk in. Winding cobblestone streets, link a series if brick temples with intricate wooden carvings.


he highlight of the day for me (Marsha) was an impromptu visit to a local area public primary school. Since I have spent most of my career working in public schools, I asked our guide Krishna could arrange a visit. The head master proudly showed us around the ancient building.
We had lunch in a section of a former 14th century temple in a Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The buildings again have several tiers with carved wooden beams and struts. We climbed temple steps and visited a carving studio on our way back to the car. We then drove through small farming village to the majestic Boudhanath stupa. We arrived as the sun was coming down. Perfect time to join throng of monks in maroon colored robes nuns in maroon jackets. Everyone was carrying prayer beads. Hundreds of people, vivid colors and a feeling of tranquility and peace. A perfect ending to the day!!