October 29, 2006 - The day was glorious, sunny...

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Today we set off to explore Kathmandu Durbar Square and the old city of Kathmandu. Saroj, from Peak Promotion, guided us through the maze of streets and at our request he left us to explore on our own.

    The day was glorious, sunny, clear skies in the 70's as we met the bustle of the city. The sights, smells and sounds of 8 centuries mingled. Everywhere, we saw Cars, rickshaws, ancient temples, internet cafes, computer stores, horns, and bells and always the swirling colors of women in sari's and flower garlands. Our senses were filled so we stopped at a Tibetan restaurant, walking through the door we were met by an immediate sense of tranquility. Colorful weavings graced the walls and couches. Flowers floating in metal bowls were placed around the tables and the food was delicious.

    It was a perfect end to a day where we kept telling ourselves, "We are here, we're here in Kathmandu.