29 April, 2010- Another Last Day at Lukla

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Chhoplung Village

Another Last at Lukla

Another last day in Lukla…watching thunderstorms mostly.  In our attempt to fly-out a day early, we spent the day drinking too much coffee, waiting in the Lukla airport, and running back to the “North Face Resort” in monsoon rains, supporting the Lukla economy with lots of shopping, taking nice showers, and eating too much food….again.  We are still scheduled for the first flight out of dodge in the morning, assuming the weather clears.  There are many tourists celebrating the end of their treks here in Lukla…as we all wait “patiently” to fly back to Kathmandu on one of the half-dozen prop planes that leave in the morning.  Planes don’t fly in the afternoon, typically, as the winds and clouds make it too dangerous.  Fortunately, Lukla is a great little town and we are enjoying delicious rice pudding at the tea house, an aid to our waning excitement.
P.S. Our ever-patient guide, Ang Dawa, congratulates us all for summiting Island Peak and wishes us luck in future climbs.
Tata For Now!
Lexi, Marcie, Stacee, and Jasmina


Another Last Day at Lukla