27 April, 2010- From Phakding

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From Phakding

Today we had some more practice herding animals, this time donkeys instead of yaks! Apparently we are hiking faster on the way down, making it much more common to get stuck behind big herds of animals creeping along at slow speeds.  It was pretty stinky at times, and humorous watching the owners encourage them along with whips and occasionally throwing rocks as needed. Stacee decided to help by yelling “achew”, which sounded like the Nepali version of “yah” to get them moving along the trail, which made everyone laugh.  Anyway, enough about donkeys.

We had a great start to our day in Namche, with fancy espresso drinks, yogurt and fresh fruit…..it was a great change from the usual fried carbohydrates.  We are slowing trying to wean ourselves off our high calorie diets as we descend….it is going to be a hard process….one less Snickers, one less box of Pringles….not easyJ. After breakfast we hit the trail down from Namche to Phakding. It was a very relaxing hike, crossing lots of bridges and descending down the infamous “Namche hill” which is much easier on the way down.  After arriving in Phakding, we had a cup of ginger tea on the front porch and watched the rain clouds settle overhead.  We had a nice visit with some boys from London who are heading up Island Peak.  We gave them some bits of advise and reminisced about our climb. We are hoping the rain will calm down the dust

for our last day of hiking tomorrow. We are all looking forward to a Yak steak and beer in Lukla to celebrate our success!
Marcie, Stacee, Lexi, Jasmina


Dhudhkosi River