25 April, 2010- From Deboche

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On The way back to Dingboche

From Dingboche

I should start this out by saying I am now feeling better. However, I did have a bit of a rough night recovering from the climb. I started to get a bit of a headache at the summit which got worse and then spend most of the night feeling pretty horrible. Thank you to Stacee, Lexi and our Sherpa guides for helping me get everything together to head down and taking very good care of me! The skies were blue and the winds had calmed from the day before making for a very enjoyable walk down. I left around 6am with Ang Karma slow and steady. The rest of the crew left a bit later and we all met up in Deboche(12,400ft) at the same lodge we stayed earlier in the trip. The winds did pick up a bit in the afternoon, covering the crew with a thin layer of dust. We then hung out the rest of the day, chatting with others at the lodge and enjoying some well deserved rest. Again I would like to thank Stacee, Lexi, Ang Dawa, and Ang Karma for all their help to get me feeling better. Tomorrow we will head down even further to Namche.

Marcie, Stacee, Lexi, Jasmina


crossing metal bridge
on the way to Deboche