22 April, 2010- Rest Day

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Rest Day

Happy Half-Birthday Marcie! Stacee and I “bought” her dinner for the occasion, and we were able to enjoy a rest day….sleeping-in and enjoying the morning with two cups of coffee.  We practiced some rope work (ascension, rappelling, etc.) on the sand hill above our tea house and “got pumped” for the climb.  We napped/rested this afternoon which was a welcome relief from hiking.  The plan is to leave Chukung tomorrow after lunch and hike up to our base camp (about 3 hrs).  We will rest and eat…then wake up at midnight tomorrow night to climb Island Peak.  We hope to climb in one push from base camp which we are told takes about 8-10 hours.  Wish us clear weather to enjoy the nearly full moon! 

Stacee, Marcie, Lexi and Jasminna