20th April, 2010- From Everest Base Camp

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Everest Base Camp

Today we made it to Everest Base Camp, elevation 17,335ft. It took about 2-3 hours from Gorek Shep over glacial moraine on quite rocky terrain, but worth every step. The Kumbu icefall was spectacular, spilling out from the pass between Lola peak and Nuptse peak right to the foot of base camp, where it merged with all the colorful tents of the many climbing expeditions.  We heard and saw multiple rock and ice falls which seemed to last minutes echoing off the cliff walls which surrounded us. When we arrived at the official Everest Base Camp entrance, we were met with hot lemon tea and cookies, which definitely hit the spot. Ang Dawa Sherpa lead us to the Everest ER, where we were given a friendly welcome from Dr. Luann Freer and Dr. Steve Halverson, both from Montana.  They showed us around the ER and then we all sat down in the Peak Promotion tent for a lunch which included fresh cucumbers and orange slices(yum)!  Right after lunch we saw a rescue helicopter land to fly someone who had been sick for a while to Kathmandu. It is amazing they are able to land a helicopter there, they didn’t even turn the engine off….just loaded her up and took off. We then said goodbye to everyone and started back to Lobuche.  Jasmina hiked up to Kallapatar today, and then we met up with her in Gorek Shep and from there all headed down together to Lobuche. I will admit it felt great to go downhill. Tomorrow we are heading to Chhukung where we plan to stay two nights and do some training before heading to Island Peak base camp.  Thanks again to the Everest ER doctors and Peak Promotion for making us feel right at home.

Marcie, Stacee, Lexi, Jasmina