16th April, 2010- Pheriche

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            At Pheriche with Karma

from all of us at Pheriche!  We all just enjoyed big plates of Dalbaht (lentils w/ rice) and are involved in a heated card game.  Our Sherpas, Ang Dawa and Ang Karma picked-up the rules fast and are winning most of the rounds now.  We had another beautiful hike along the river up to Pheriche.   We were treated to a tour of the Pangboche Monastery this morning.  It is a very old Monetary (600+ yrs old) and considered a very spiritual place.    After hiking today, Stacee is now nicknamed “beautiful meat” and I am “the boob”….don’t know how those might stick..??  Vicky will travel with us tomorrow as we take a day hike and then she will head back down….returning to work.  We have been lucky to have her fun spirit in our company and she will be missed.  Jasmina is planning to continue up with us to Everest Base Camp and then to Island Peak.  We are all still feeling very well and laughing a lot!  What a fun group!  We are thankful for the hot showers here in Pheriche and will be staying here tomorrow night also to acclimatize.  We wish you all the best and ask for your support (prayers to God, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, or whoever else...) in our coming journeys. 

Lexi, Stacee, Marcie, Vicky, and Jasmina


Island Peak from Dingboche