11th April, 2010- Sightseing in Kathmandu

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Group At Lukla Airport

“Hey Marcie, are you awake? Its 4am and I don’t think we have electricity….or phone. We better go see if Lexi is awake.”  This was what I woke up to this morning. We then dug out our headlamps so we could see and proceeded down the hall half dressed  to make sure Lexi was awake.We knocked softly and heard her rustle around and try and turn on the light switches with no luck. She made her way to the door and then the lights turned on. We then met up with Jasmina and Vicky at the hotel and drove like mad through town to get to the airport to catch the first flight to Lukla.

The flight was flawless and the white topped mountains poked through the clouds . We were all amazed by the size of the mountains, truly unbelievable! We then hiked to Phakding which took about 3 ½ hours-slow and steady.
On the way to Phakding
Along the way we saw a monastery, the Dhudkhoshi  river, and may outstanding views of the mountains.  We are staying at Tashi Tagey Lodge in Phakding and will head to Namche tomorrow. We have the best Sherpa guides, Ang Dawa and Ang Karma and they are taking very good care of us. We are resting and eating in preparation for tomorrow.
Phakding Village