10th April, 2010- Arrived in Kathmandu

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Marcie ,Stacee and Lexi

What time is it? After wiping the droll off of our faces we rode through Kathmandu….speechless, overwhelmed, and tired.  Fortunately, we went for a refreshing swim at the Yak and Yeti hotel, and slept 10-12 hours last night. 

Today (Sunday), we toured Kathmandu with the wonderful guide, Arjun.  Traffic was definitely the scariest part.  We also toured the monkey temple where Stacee chased lots of monkeys.  We tried not to lose Marcie among the praying Hindus and I had fun spinning the colorful prayer wheels.  Now, we have met our Sherpa guide at the Peak Promotion headquarters and are preparing for departure to Lukla.  We hope to make the earliest flight out of Kathmandu (if we can see through the smog).  We are all healthy and rested now.  Wongchu Sherpa has advised us to drink lots of water and NO ALCOHOL!  I will have to restrain myself….   We will be bringing this mini-computer with us and update daily.  Yeah!     -
Dinner at Bhojan Griha

Cultural program at Bhojan Griha