19 November, 2009 -The last day of our (end of the trip) wonderful trip in Nepal

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The last day of our (end of the trip) wonderful trip in Nepal  

Wongchu walked very quickly and guided us to the Everest Hardwear factory, where everybody bought a lot.   After we splited up, some have to go to the hotel where they had lovely lunch. Other continued shopping.

Wongchu patiently waiting for hours and did not complained at all. Then we all had discuss with Nepal TV team, Peak Promotion team and David Breashears team (www.savehimalayas.org)

The restaurant was Nepali with sitting in the floor. And food was very nice. We had performance with typical Nepali dance and song.

The Nepal TV teams are planning to make 2 documentaries about this trekking -  one about the wedding and one about the trekking.  And it will be watched by 90% of Nepali people.

We wish to say thank you to Peak Promotion for excellent organized trekking and very good service. We all made friends for life.  These days will stay in our memory for ever. We can really recommend this adventure.

If you want more information for trips about Nepal trekking, you can contact us at peter@bluesky.se