15 November, 2009 -Wedding ceremony

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 Dancing Sherpani

Nepali tea as usual at 6:30.  After that, we kicked back and chilled out.

Ove and Tommy went up with Wongchu and inspected the start of the road construction.  The Nepal Television team followed every stop we take.  The rest of us had luxury hot shower in shower tent.

We paid a visit to the school.  Peter took the opportunity to be a teacher to check the skill of students.  They are really keen to learn and they all chanted in chorus.  They also preformed very nice singing and dancing for us.

students showing dance


After lunch, Wongchu gathered the group and ordered to put long pant on.  And bring cameras.  The group got devided into two parts.  Ove and Katarina were sent to one house and Tommy Sandberg, Karina, and Lena were sent to another house.  It was a little bit confusing for all the Swedish except Peter and Vicky.  Because, it was their Sherpa wedding ceremony

Peter in sherpa dress


Peter was dressed up in traditional Sherpa wedding dress in his new house.  The same happened with Vicky.

Peter and Vicky


After the Ceromony in Peter’s house with Lama, we moved obrt yo vicky’s house.  Singing and dancing, it was almost 200 people.  Now, rest of the Swedish realized what is going on as this is their wedding ceremony.

Now, in extremely crowed house 3 lamas gave the blessing and Peter gave Vicky Sindur – the red colour on her head for the sign of marriage.Between the ceremony, lots of Chang (local rice wine).  A lot of singing and dancing giving to each family member to , Wongchu, Ove, Katarina, Karina, Tommy, Lena, Magnus, Tommy Sandberg etc.

We now moved out to dance round the house with the whole village Chanting, playing trumpet, and Cymbals.

Nepal television interviewed to Peter and Vicky.  It was excellent occasion that neither us nor villagers forgot this day.

Now, they are Vicky Sherpa Degerfeldt and Peter Sherpa Degerfeldt.

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Peter giving sindur to Vicky