14 November, 2009 -Towards Chyangba

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Group picture in Chyangba village


This morning we skipped normal ritual with Nepali tea in our tents.  Instead, we walked up to the small stupa where we had a wonderful view over the Everest area.

Camp site in Chyangba vilage


What a good start of this day!  For the first time we were rewarded to see the summit of the highest peak of the world.  And, it’s surrounding neighbors.  We could probably have been sitting there whole day, but after two hours, we broke up and went up to visit at the Monastery. 

Nepal television is making a promotional film and we are the famous actors.  They follow  every step we take and some time we have to take step twice. 

Tommy Gullberg tried to carry one of the porter’s loads.  He is really happy as he is not porter.  They make very good job carrying 30 kg and it would be impossible  to do trekking without them. 

Lene also tried to carry a load of wood made for the roof like the local Sherpanies. 

After, we walked on the ridge with majestic view of Everest on the left and Wongchu’s jungle on the right.  We also visited Mani Stones as memory of his father and mother. 

Of all superb views at the lunch break, this was the best one so far stretched out on the grassy hill; we had our lunch right in front of the Mt. Everest massive. 

We continue descending towards Chyangba with Wongchu as the good knowledged guide since it is his home village.  First stop in Chyangba was the monastery where the locals welcomed us with traditional Khata and Malla.  We went into the Monastery and met the head lama.  And, we had tea there. 

Then, we walked down to our camp and much to our surprise as new group of people from village greeted us with more Khatas and Malas.  We understand very few foreigners have visited to this village.

We visited to school that Wongchu has built for the village.  Also, hydropower.  Goran Kropp also supported for the school.

We met an American Engineer from Engineers without boarders, Jim, who is volunteer in the water project. 

We have a great dinner with chicken soup, fried chicken leg, and peaches as dissert.

Changba school

Sherpa dress at Japre