9 November, 2009 - Another fantastic day in Nepal

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View of Pike Peak with Stupa


We started with Sherpa tea at 6 am.  We knew we had a longer day today.  We left Shivalaya at 7:45 and started climbed up through rhododendron forest and ivy trees.

The trail was steeper today but we had some good views when we passed some rivers.  After 4 hard hours, we had climbed 950 altitude meters.  15 minutes before the lunch break, 2 of our sherpas came running with warm lemonade.  That gave us strength back.  It was good to stop at summit and eating lunch at 2,705m.

View of Mountain from Bhandar


Bhandar Stupa

Group at Bhandar

After the lunch break, it was down towards Bhandar.  During this trek, we met Korean group and 3 Germans. Bhandar looks very good in distance and closer we came better it gets.  We walked through some tea plants and some bamboo.  Arriving to beautiful Bhandar, we stopped at a Stupa and paid a visit at a Monastery.

We are all impressed over iron ladies only 73 years young, Lena and Katerina, who made a great effort during this tough day. 

Since we arrived quite early, it was still warm.  Many of us had walked with T-shirts. So, it was nice to clean up while still warm outside.

                Tommy taking picture from Bhandar


As always, when we arrived, tents were erected and we enjoyed the luxury service. 

Right now, we have had 3 course dinner and today we had special local chicken. 

Before going to bed, we stopped and just stir up at the wonderful milkey way and billions of stars.  Another fantastic day in Nepal.

Group at Sangmadanda