8 November, 2009 - Camp site at Sivalaya

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Camp site at Sivalaya


We slept like baby in nice tents at Jiri 1955m.  It did not take very long time to hear shoring symphony.

At 6:30 in the morning, we had Sherpa tea served in the tents so that we can slowly wake up.  15 minutes later, hot water was served so we could do our morning toilet.  We packed our gear for the porters.  And then, we went to very nice breakfast, corn, poris, toast, egg, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.

Having breakfast at Sivalaya


We started walking at 8:30 and it was warm enough to walk with shorts and T-shirts.  We met school children running down for school.  While walking, we stopped and our Sherpa explains about flowers, trees, animals, etc.  And of course, we enjoyed with various beautiful scenery.  We stopped  at the school at 2,500m and played with kids and took pictures.

View from Mali Danda


It’s comfortable for us to have professional companion of  the Peak Promotion Sherpas. Kame has been on Summit of Everest 9 times and Pemba 2 times – we are in very good hands. 

We walked downwards 500 m. in altitude where our kitchen staff made fantastic lunch where we had lunch with view. 

After lunch, we climbed down towards Shivalaya.  Once again camps were set up like magic. 

Also, when arriving, we got hot water for washing and drink tea.  The camp is situated by the river.  It is very nice to be here after about 10 km up and down walking.