19 October, 2013 - Trek to Jagat

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Team with Peak Promotion staff at Yak and Yeti Hotel

20 October, 2013 - Trek to Jagat

Having camped at the Hotel Shangri-La at Korla Beshi  rather than in rooms (courtesy of Peak Promotion (Mystery Tours) (PVT) Limited), we were awoken at 06:00 to black tea and a blocked toilet.
Breakfast was the usual fayre although we did learn that the favorite pastime of one of our number was chasing chickens that had been decapitated.  

We set out at 07:30 and headed north along the western bank of the Budhi Gandaki river; narrow gorges with the sound of Cicadas in our ears.  The vegetation had changes from yesterday: less bamboo and no longer any banana trees.  A bit cooler than yesterday and less humanity. After around 2 hours we came across a hot spring called Hot Spring Tatapani and shortly thereafter we crossed the river to the eastern bank via a short suspension bridge of dubious construction with a timber deck followed by a steep climb to a lunch of egg fired rice with chapatti at Soli Bati (892m). 
After lunch we descended back to the river and an hour later we crossed a tributary to the river over across a metal suspension bridge of 93m.  This was followed by a shorter suspension bridge which took us back to the western bank of the river.

We were scheduled to stay at Jagat but in fact stopped about an hour later at 15:00 at the Budhi Gandaki Guest House (around 1 km short of Jagat).

Chris arrived only slightly knackered. [For any Canadians that require translation see below.]

Washing was done and then dinner, which was interrupted by a downpour of monsoon proportions.  Huddling in front of the small counter, we ate the rest of the evening meal and retired at 20:00 to rest fro the trek to Deng tomorrow.

[Knackers 1  noun Establishment at which old or sick animals are taken for slaughtering and for their carcasses to be boiled down to glue; noun(slang) male genitals
Knackered verb worn out, useless, broken]

written byDave McCormick

Buddhist Chorten

Buddhist Chorten