18 October, 2013 - Trek to Khorla Beshi

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Team with Peak Promotion staff at Yak and Yeti Hotel

19 October, 2013 - Trek to Jagat

Being awakened by the sound of pounding rain very early in the morning didn't make for the best of prospects for the second day of the trek.  We were at Lapu Besi and the noise of the rain made it nearly impossible to think, let alone listen to my iPod.  I gave up trying to sleep and tried to figure out how I was going to stay dry from the rain without drowning from perspiration on the inside of my Goretex clothing.  I wasn't sure if it was possible.  Probably the Nepalese have it right.  Just be prepared to get wet, after all your skin is mostly waterproof and eventually you will dry off. 

However, by the time breakfast was over, the rain mostly was too.  I did start out with gaiters and rain pants but the heat soon persuaded me to remove both and go back to shorts.  The humidity is what I imagine I’d encounter in a Turkish steam bath.

The track was along the river, up and down and around to avoid various rock features.  A few long and quite spectacular suspension bridges were along our path, one in particular crossed a nice high gorge.  I was thankful that it was one of the sturdy wire cable and metal variety.  I've seen pictures of the other kind….

Lunch was at Maccha Koli.  We Canadians were amused to find that this translated to "Peace River".  So there, Alberta!!
An easy walk delivered us to Khola Besi.  The word "besi" means "gorge".  Tonight we sleep in tents.  Apparently Air Canada isn't the only business that overbooks. 

Another great day.  If the skies clear, the full moon will soon pop over the hills.

written byDave McCormick

on the way to Jagat

on the way to Jagat