November 16, 2012 - Manjo to Lukla

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November 16, 2012 - Back to Lukla

The last trekking day was more tuff then we all thought it should be. We walked for 7 hours and we experienced a lot. For example Anki and Petter dance for laughing Nepalese.  Lennart found a new owner to his Swedish flag.

On our way down we met a lot of people who had decided to walk to EBC without a guide.  For example they asked us for the way to Namche Bazar. They thought it should take a few hours instead of two days. “It is just a finger on the map”.
In the afternoon we came to Lukla for a wonderful shower and a fantastic dinner with our guides and porters. 

We hope that they all understand how much we appreciate their work and company.
The whole group thanks over Nepalese friends for 14 fantastic days THANK YOU.

WrittenMalin and Lennart



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