November 14, 2012 - Pheriche to Tengboche

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November 14, 2012 - Pheriche to Tengboche

Today we had a sleeping morning, until seven a’ clock, it was nice to lay in the warm sleeping bag. We left Pheriche in a beautiful but cold morning. Today everything felt much easier, to walk and breathe because we are descending about 400 meters.

After a while the sun reached us and it got much warmer. Even if we walk the same trek back, the views are very much different. It is so beautiful; the surrounding is now full of rhododendron trees, other trees and bushes.

In lower Pangboche we had a good and a long lunch; we sat in the sun for almost two hours. Suddenly we saw a mountain goat standing high up on the mountain above us. Hopefully one of us got a good photo.

It is fascinating to see the stoneworkers building new houses it is a really handcraft.  One the way down we met same happy but frozen nuns.  Anki felt sorry for them and offered them her gloves but it showed up that they had really good down jackets in their backpacks. We arrived at Tengboche at three a clock and we had our cup of tea and biscuits. Today it was a walk in the park!

Anki and Petter found out during the trek that Tendi and Chhiri are brothers…so surprising! Tendi said that they will told us that when we reached Lukla.

WrittenHelena and Petter

tea house




baby sitting on yak