November 10, 2012 - Pheriche to Dukla

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November 10, 2012 - Dukla

Today we left Pheriche around 08.30 in a wonderful sunny morning. Our teahouse at Pheriche was very nice but the rooms where we sleep are very cold, around three degrees Celsius. But in the evening we put our bottles, with hot water, inside the sleeping bag, so everyone are very warm during the night. We sleep rather well everyone but we have to go up and pee a lot because we drink so much tea and water.

We had a short trek to Dukla, around three hours and it was easy walking. When we reached Dukla we had our tea and we had lunch. After lunch almost the whole group had another acclimatization trek and we left around one a clock. Two of the group doesn’t feel so well so they stayed to rest and took a short walk instead.  Now we all can feel the high altitude and when we are going up, we stop talking. 

After a while on our acclimatization trek we had a silent moment lying on the ground in the sun, it was magic.
 Today we reached 4 920 m and we could for a moment see Everest Base camp when suddenly the afternoon clouds appeared and it was gone.
We came back to the quite simple tea house in the afternoon and of course had out tea and biscuits.

At this moment we all sit near the fire place but it is not so warm yet. We are waiting for our dinner and at this high altitude we can’t eat everything here. Garlic soup and rice are ok. Tendi just gave us apples; he brought them from Katmandu to us, so very sweet of him.
This morning one of our Jopkys ran away, back to his home town, so now we only have two for our luggage.

The tip of today: buy your chocolate, like snickers, Twix etc in Katmandu, it is so much more expensive up here, and buy a lot, you will need it.
Take care of you all at home!


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