November 8, 2012 - Tengboche to Pheriche

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mountain view

November 8, 2012 - Tengboche to Pheriche

We woke up by the sound of the monk’s trumpets and looked out thru the window and saw Mount Everest in the sun, wonderful. The goal to day is Pheriche, 4280 m. We walked down thru the forest in company with an old monk. The sun was shining and all feel well. We had lunch in Shomare, 4010 m.

We visit another monastery and had a wonderful experience looking at a Lama playing with a two years old girl.
Earlier on the trekking we met two young boys, 13 and 14 years old, who were caring a heavy load. Tendi told them that they were too young to be porters and that they should be home and go to school.

When we met them again today Petter suggested that we could buy lunch for them, and so we did.  They were very shy. Anki gave them some money if they promised her that they should go to school when they come home.  For that they were very happy and touched.
After that we walked on and passed 4300 m, highest so far. In the afternoon is become a little bit windy and the temperature went down to zero.

Today’s tips:  Bring Hungarian salami and slice it up and give the slices to the kitchen, put them on a plain pizza and don’t forget the sunglasses in the dining room.


young boys


lama - pangboche