April 24 2017, Back to Kathmandu

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Early this morning I was picked up at ABC (18,500') and flown back to Kathmandu via Lukla.  After battling a stomach bug since 4/12 my condition reached a point that did not allow me to remain with the team.  I consulted with several of Global Rescues doctors on the 23rd and the conclusion was that I needed to be off the mountain.  Once back at Kathmandu I spent time in the CIWEC Hospital.  After many tests, lots of IV fluid (3.3 liters), & some pretty effective pain medications I was released to continue my recovery at the Y&Y Hotel to continue on antibiotics for several more days.  A bacterial infection, inflamed lower stomach & intestines had led to significant dehydration and finally HACE.  The doctors recommendation was absolutely correct.  I can't say enough about how good and professional Global Rescue was throughout this process.  Peak Promotion has also provided excellent support when I got out of the Hospital in Kathmandu.  Also the doctors and staff at CIWEC Hospital were really good.
I will continue to stay in touch with the climbing team and wish them a safe & successful climb.  I will be flying home on 4/29.