18th May, 2013

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18th May, 2013 -Today morning the team started down from the South col. After a long stay of 66 hours in the death zone, they desperately needed to get down. But the escape was not so easy. Climbing down the Lhotse phase in winds against the traffic was tough. Steadily they reached Camp3 at 10.30am. They continued further down to Camp2 and reached the base of Lhotse phase. At 12noon they were at Camp2, where Ashish received them.

Early this morning, Umesh Zirpe left Camp2 and reached base camp at 10.30am. There was a huge relief to Ajit Tate, base camp manager, and Tekraj Adhikari who had tough time while the entire team was trapped in the death zone and others who trekked to EBC to support the Giripremi’s Lhotse Everest 2013 expedition.

After a short rest at Camp2 the entire team alongwith Ashish continued climbing down to the base. It was cloudy and overcast as they were moving down to Base Camp through icefall. Finally, they reached BaseCamp at 7.00pm. Climbing down 3000M after surviving three bad weather nights in death zone is a commendable job! Bravo!

The team has shared their feet with all of us through summit photographs.