16th May - 2013 -The Everest team to start summit Attempt at 8.30pm

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16th May - 2013 -The Everest team to start summit Attempt at 8.30pm

On 15th May 2013 Ashish Mane along with his Sherpas Lakpa Dorji and Pasang Sherpa reached summit camp of Mt. Lhotse 7800M at 12.30pm. Towards the evening the wind started blowing at very high speed. Hence they were in dilemma about the summit attempt. Finally the wind dropped at 2.00am midnight. It is exactly when Ashish along with his sherpas set out for the summit attempt. As they were moving up through a narrow couloirs towards the top of the ridge the wind again started blowing at 100km/hr making it very difficult to move ahead.

The danger of falling rocks and hard ice through colouir was very high at that point of time. But like a strong mountaineer Ashish showed big courage and continued ahead. At the dawn they were about to reach the exit of the colouir. At 7.00am they reached the top of the Lhotse ridge. From here onwards they continued on the ridge towards their left to reach the main summit of Mt. Lhotse (8516M).

At 7.24am on 16th May 2013 Ashish Mane, at age of 22, became the first civilian from Maharashtra to climb Mt. Lhotse and first Maharashtrian to scale two eight thousand meter high peaks. Hats off to Ashish! Many more to come…


After offering pooja to the mountain God, and waving tricolor on the top of the 4th highest mountain in the world, Ashish returned to the summit camp. Climb down too was not easy. They had to continuously look out for the falling objects. Many times the team were blown off the route and almost crushed into the rocks of the colouir. But they bravely continued with composed attitude and reached safely to summit camp at 10.30am. Further he climbed down to Camp3 and continued until Camp2. With all said and done, Ashish had an opportunity to return to Base Camp and relax, but he chose to stay at Camp2 and support his team mates who are awaiting their Everest summit attempt at south col.

The Everest team meanwhile couldn’t found a way to launch summit bid last night. The wind at south col  was too much for any movement. They kept waiting for the wind to drop the entire night but no help. The team is at south col right now and waiting for their chances to summit. The weather has bettered since then and hopefully they will start their summit attempt tonight.

P. S. The Everest team to start summit Attempt at 8.30pm tonight.

16th May - 2013

Here is great news to start a great day. Ashish Mane has reached to the summit of Mt. Lhotse today at 7am. Meanwhile the team Everest is at south col. They did not go above the summit camp because of bad weather conditions.