12 May - 2013 - Base Camp to Camp 2 - The team had narrow escape in Khumbu!

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12 May - 2013 - Base Camp to Camp 2 - The team had narrow escape in Khumbu!

Finally the day have arrived…after a long preparation off the mountain and on the mountain, the team set off from the basecamp on an ambitious summit bit.

The weather had not been that great since yesterday afternoon and the BaseCamp experienced a three inch snowfall since then. Snowfall continued till late night. But the dawn brought in lot of hopes with good weather. The sky was clear and the wind was low at the BaseCamp. All the team members: Umesh Zirpe, Ganesh More, Bhushan Harshe, Anand Mali and Ashish Mane, were ready by 4.00am. Finally with their backpacks on all of them proceeded towards the chorten. Few essence sticks along with junifer sticks were burning leaving their fragrance in the air. The team prayed to the Goddess Sagarmatha for the success. Warm hugs were exchanged with the BaseCamp team members.


Making their way through the moraine of Khumbu glacier and crossing the lumps of ice the team reached the base of the icefall, where they put on the crampon and continued. As they were progressing ladder by ladder and pitch by pitch, they reached the upper section of the Khumbu icefall. It was when the team was shaken by sharp cracking sound above. A huge ice boulder tumbled from its position. Everybody was stunned for a moment. An intense surge of anxiety went through until they realized, they were at safe distance from the danger. They continued further towards Camp1.


They reached the Camp1 site at 9.30am. It was cold and windy at Camp1. After a short rest there they continued further towards Nuptse corner. After crossing couple of crevasses they again traversed back to the middle of the western cwm and continued in the same direction towards Camp 2. It was 12.30pm when they reached Camp 2. The team experienced low efforts in today’s movement as compared to the previous one. A sign of proper acclimatization and good recovery!

The team will spend a day at Camp 2 before they continue further movement to Camp3 on 14thMay.