2 May - 2013 -Camp 2 to Camp3 - 

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2 May - 2013 -Camp 2 to Camp3 - 

Movement between Camp2 to Camp3 spotted from Camp2 on 1st May, a day prior to the Giripremi’s planned movement on this route.

At 7400M Camp 3 is located on steep slopes of the Lhotse face. The route to the camp3 from camp2 traverses in the upper western cwm to the base of Lhotse face for couple of hours and then steep climb over the Lhotse face till Camp3. This face rises at 40 and 50 degree pitches with occasional 80 degree bulges. Climbers and porters need to establish a good rhythm of foot placement and pulling themselves up the ropes using their ascenders.

Today the team set off towards the Camp3 at 8.00am. It was very windy since morning. The weather prediction reported winds upto 70mph. As the team reached the base of the Lhotse face suddenly the wind started blowing at much higher spped. Due to the recent snowfalls the entire valley was covered with soft layer of snow. The wind started blowing this layer making it difficult to see, and to breathe.Still they continued to move up the mountain. They crossed a big bergschrund at the base of the Lhotse face. After the bergschrund it was steep climb over hard ice. At this point the winds worsened, making toes and fingers of the climbers to freeze.

The team had to abandon any further movement up the mountain and return to Camp2. Nevertheless, the team had reached to an altitude of 6900M before turning back. Tonight the team will stay at camp2 and will return to Base Camp tomorrow morning.



Giripremi’s Lhotse-Everest 2013 expedition team help to reveal life at extreme weather conditions on Mt. Everest.


Samples collection for microbials analysis at extreme altitudes

Due to the extreme weather conditions on Mt. Everest, temperatures well below freezing point, low air density and extreme winds, practically the life is not possible on the mountain. The existance of the dead bodies of the mountaineers for so many years emphasizes the above fact. But scientists believe that there are certain microbials even present at these extreme conditions. (On 17 March 2013, researchers reported data that suggested microbial life forms thrive in the Mariana Trench, the deepest spot on the Earth.)

Giripremi will help scientist to reveal this mystery by collecting soil samples from these extreme mountains. Today, the team collected soil samples from above camp2 area.

Tomorrow the team will move up to camp3 and will stay one night at camp3 before returning to base camp.