26 April -2013 -Back to BaseCamp

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26 April -2013 -Back to BaseCamp

After spending a night at Camp2 the team today returned to BaseCamp. All the team members had been to Camp 2 in last years expedition “Pune Everest 2012”, hence it was relatively easy this time for them to adapt to the conditions up there at camp2. Although, the snow conditions were different this year because of the recent snowfall.

The team started descend at 7.30am and they slowly traversed down through the western cwm untill Camp1. The team spent some time at camp1 before they continued further down to through Khumbu icefall. It was almost five hours untill the entire team reached back to base camp. Everyone is fit after the movement and noone reported any symptons of altitude illness.

After touching 6500M (21325ft.) the team will need some recovery before they set out for next action on the mountain: Camp3. During this phase they will focus on hydrating themselves and carb loading.

On 30th April the team has planned their next breakthrough to camp3.