22 April -2013 -Icefall closed for any further movement!

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22 April -2013 -Icefall closed for any further movement!


It was 20th early morning; the team was all set to move up to Camp2 through Khumbu icefall, when they experienced heavy snowfall; snow accumulating more than 2 inches, forcing them to get sheltered inside their tents. Since then the snowfall continued for last three days,freezing all the movements up the mountain.The visibility is also reportedly low. At the same time the lower regions of the Khumbu valley has seen heavy downpour. Even Kathmandu reported heavy showers of rain.

All the teams at EBC are eagerly waiting for the weather to better but the Indian Meteorological Department, predicts no relief for themat least for next couple of days.Usually last two weeks of April sees the substantial preparation on the mountain, but this bad weather has certainly pushed the climbing calendar ahead by a week. This can be a crucial factor in successful summit ratio this year.  On the other hand experts feel that this can be a favorable situation, considering the rest of the season will see clear weather window.

Nevertheless, Lhotse Everest 2013 expedition team is poised for the upcoming spikes of the climbing efforts.

p. s.  After spending three days compulsory rest inside tents, the team walked two hours down to Gorakshep, where they spotted NIVEA Sun screen in a small store. Climbers use sun screen lotion at high altitudes to protect themselves from UV rays. NIVEA is official sponsor of the expedition.