19 April- 2013 -It’s time for some severe action!

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After beating more than 50km over fifteen days and traversing up and down the altitude graph from as low as 5000ft to as high as 18000ft, the team finally reached Everest Base Camp on 12th April 2013. Followed by some serious climbing through Khumbu icefall up to 19,193ft on 16th April and hike up to Pumori High Camp (18537ft) on 17th April.

Ganesh taking a leap over open crevasse in Khumbu icefall: Very sure he would have missed a heartbeat or two before his crampon brunched the rock hard ice on the other side of the crevasse.

But the team has not seen enough and some severe action awaits them as they will see cumulative climbing of over 27000ft. and equal amount of descends too. All this will be at extreme altitudes where human body can hardly survive on its own, the altitudes where you can imagine yourself touching the passenger flights, temperatures so extreme that they will see about 100 points travel on the Celsius scale, terrain so extreme that they will see tones of tumbling icebergs to the crevasses miles deep below surface and emotions so strong that they will tend to swing them from the deepest of the nervousness to the triumph of the lifetime.

Now the expedition will attain an altogether different scale unparalleled to any other endeavor. All this is due in next few weeks. So stay tuned for more updates!