29th March 2013

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Early morning the team set out for the trek to Taksindho. Every team member was so charged, it reminded what an Australian Rules football player once said; at the season’s beginning he was so sharp, every muscle in his body so alive, that it was hard for him to just walk. Every time he did, he wanted to break into a run.

At 9.30am, the team headed towards north. The first hour was pretty nice with moderate ups and downs. Soon the team passed near village called ‘Loding’; the birth place of Kazi Sherpa. Kazi Sherpa holds the current speed ascent record on Mount Everest. Kazi’s record was set on the South Col Route, without supplemental oxygen, without prescription drug assistance (Diamox, etc), and without Sherpa assistance or guide assistance. His time was 20 hours 24 minutes, from the basecamp to the summit. (Later, Babu Chhiri Sherpa Reached summit of Everest in 16.56hrs and Pemba Dorji Sherpa Climbed Everest in 12.45 hours, broke his record.)


The team reached Ringmo at 2.30pm. Here onwards the team will follow the classic Jiri to EBC trek route. After a quick lunch of Dal Bhat, the team was off for the next trek. From Ringmu it is about 2,000 feet straight up over rocks to Taksindu Pass, the highest point at nearly 10,000 feet in altitude, then about another 3,000 feet straight down over more rocks.

The team reached Taksindhu at 4.15pm. The team checked in at Mountain View Lodge in Taksindu owned by Kale Sherpa brother of Late Babu Chhiri Sherpa, the legendary Sherpa who holds the record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Everest in just 16 hours and 56 minutes and Spent 21 hours on the summit without bottled oxygen.