30th March, 2013 - Back to Lukla

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30th March, 2013 - Back to Lukla

Today we have walked a long way. We started early from Chhatra La at around 4300 meters and climbed up a few hundred meters. The first steep part was rather tuff after just having breakfast :)

When we had climbed the first part we came up to the snowline again. Now the path was going straight down!! It was also a lot of snow so it was rather difficult to walk. We walked in a narrow ice path. We walked down, down and down for a few hours. When we had managed the worst part we had lunch during the way.

After lunch we walked the last way all the way down to Lukla. The last part was longer than we thought. It was still a lot of snow and ice so we needed to use our ice axes to manage to get down. Also the guides were very helpful and grabbed us if we happened to slip. 

After a while the snow finally disappeared and we came down to a lovely green landscape. You could feel that it was a lot warmer and now it was raining instead of snowing. At four o clock we walked into Lukla at 2800 meters. You could really feel the knees after been walking very steep downhill for over 6 hours.
Tomorrow we try to fly back to Kathmandu with a morning flight.


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