29th March, 2013 - Back to Chetra la

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29th March, 2013 - On our way down but going up

Today has been the day when we only have been walking uphill. The day started with nice sunny weather in Kote. The forest around Kote is amazing! The trees are very old and you can see a lot of nice flowers. It felt like a typical Swedish spring day

We were walking uphill in the forests and around lunchtime we had climbed up 400-500 meters. After lunch both the weather and the nature changed a lot. We were now back in the Rhododendron forests and the fog started to come in. We knew that the climb up through this forest would be tough. When we walked here few days ago it was a lot of snow and it was really hard to walk, but now the snow was almost gone. That made the climb up so much easier :) After over an hour we came up to a new climate zone, the trees were now gone and it was only big rocks and a lot of fog. Now it was not far to the lodge in Chetra La. We started on 3600 meters and finished on 4200 meters.

Tomorrow we go back to Lukla. It will be a rather long day, probably…:)


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