28th March, 2013 - Down Back

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28th March, 2013 - Down Back

Today we started our way back down. The trek started in Khare on 5100 meters and stopped in Kote on 3600 meters. It is so much easier to go down. The headache disappears and you start to look more on the surroundings around you. Now the snow is gone so it is also easier to walk, you don't need to be afraid of slippingJ  this day the path has been rather flat. That is good because the last two days of walking will be rather hard. On the way we stopped at a small monastery. It was lying just beneath a rock. The room was very small and only 2-3 monks could be there at the same time. None was there today.  We stopped there for a while and took some pictures and then we continued to go back down.

When we came down to 3600 meters it is a very big difference in temperature. Now you can take of your do jacket in the room without freezing :)




khare monastry


local kids