26th/27th March, 2013 - Khare to High Camp and Summit

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infornt of Mera Peak

26th/27th March, 2013 - Khare to high camp and summit.

The walk from Khare to Mera high camp was fantastic! We walked on a very small and narrow path. Some parts were very slippery where it was snow on the ground. All around you could see mountains. In the first part of the trek it was a lot of big rocks. After a steep climb up we came to the glacier. From here we could see the high camp of Mera Peak. We crossed the glacier in a lovely sunny weather. The last part up to high camp was not extremely steep but we were now on a rather high altitude so it gets really hard to breathe. During this day we started on 5100 meters and stopped on 5900 meters.

High camp is just a small place with some tents. Our tent was up on a cliff shelf. The only thing you can do there is to take some picture, eat some soup, drink tea and go to bed.
We went to bed around five o clocks. At 1.30 our guide opened the tent and gave us some tea. It was now time for our summit attempt. We took our climbing equipment and started the way up towards the summit at 3.00. We were attached in a rope because we were walking threw deep snow with carvas on several places. After an hour the wind became really strong and it was really cold! We continued in the cold dark for a few hours. We thought that we could come up to the summit, but unfortunately the winds and the cold became too strong. We decided to turn around when we were maybe 2-4 hours from the top. Not so funny but a good decision in those conditions.

During the morning when we were back in high camp, Kristian started to feel sick. Our head guide, Ang Dawa and Kristian started to walk down to a lower altitude as fast as possible. Caroline and Ngwang, the assistant guide came down a few hours later. We are now back in Khare and Kristian is feeling better.

Tomorrow we will continue our descent.


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Mera Peak HIgh Camp