25th March, 2013 - Traning Day

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infornt of Mera Peak

25th March, 2013 -Traning Day

Today we had a rest day in Khare. The first thing we did today was to walk up to a view point. The weather was clear so we could see all the way to high camp of Mera Peak. We could also see the peak that we hopefully are climbing in a day or two. Now we really start to feel the high altitude. It is rather easy to get a headache. We try to drink between 3-5 liters per day that is a lot:)

When we got back down from the view point we got our gear for the climb. None of us has used this kind of equipment before so this was really fun! We walked up a bit and then we started to practice how to ascend and descend on the peak. Hopefully everything works when we are up on 6400 meters.

During the afternoon it started to snow. If it will snow to much we have to wait a bit with our first summit attempt.


himalaya traning


climbing traning