22nd March, 2013 - Kothe

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chhatra la pass

22nd March, 2013 -Trekking between different climate zones

We started the day at around 4300 meters. It was a beautiful winter landscape outside and the sun was shining. We started going up in the snow on a small and narrow path. After a while the path changed and we started walking down through Rhododendron forest.  It was still a lot of snow and the path was very slippery. After a few hours we came to the lunch place. At that time the snow was gone and it felt like a typical Swedish summer day outside. We walked totally around 6 hours today.

We came to our lodge during the afternoon. It is a nice, small place, and it has a hot shower!! That shower was the best in a very long time


Kharka Tang


hiking upto Kharka Tang'