21st March, 2013 - Chhatra La

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chhatra la pass

21st March, 2013 - A very challenging day…

We started early this morning; this day is going to be a very long day. The goal for the day is Chhetra La on 4350 meters. When we left the lodge it was very cold outside. The first part was a very steep climb up to 4400 meters. We walked up a mountainside and than down and up again. Before we came to our lodge it was a long and slippery downhill. Today we used our ice axes for the first time. Some parts were very narrow and slippery so we needed the axes as support. The landscape is breathtaking but we are so focused when we are walking so we don’t look so much on the surroundings. When we came to our lodge during the afternoon the weather changed again. A big thunderstorm began and it was snowing a lot. The weather changes so fast! When we are at the lodges it is so cold inside so the best you can do is to lie in the sleeping bag with a bottle of hot water.

Now it is time for dinner and then bedtime...
Right now we can only communicate with satellite phone.


Kharka Tang


hiking upto Kharka Tang'